If you think the standard Wi-Fi network is too slow for your needs, then you will be interested in the technology developed by Panasonic Corp. engineers. They succeeded in creating a new wireless technology called WiGig that offers data rates up to ten times faster than a standard network.

WiGig is a project that can revolutionize wireless data transmission by enabling public hotspots to provide access to the global network at about ten times faster than current technology. The new system test has recently been conducted at Narita International Airport, where passengers have the opportunity to personally test the technology of tomorrow to download a 120 minute video in just 10 seconds.

This technology has been developed for several years, but its first generation was not useful. It used a frequency of 60 Hz, and the connection was directional, so its usability was not the highest.

However, this new version has eliminated this limitation and now one hotspot covers a much larger area of ​​land. This was achieved by installing three wireless modules in the transmitter, each covering a radius of 120 degrees, so the combination of all transmitters gives a full 360 degree coverage, which dramatically increases the functionality of the entire system.