In recent weeks, we have been overwhelmed with unofficial reports of the specifications of the new Hawaii Radeons, some of whom have been waiting for salvation. Is it right? Yesterday, AMD finally unveiled its cards at a special '14 Tech Day 'GPU event taking place - not accidentally - in Hawaii. He pulled out an ace?

We are pretty sure that the top model R9 290 X, based on the Hawaii XT core, is still being built on a 28-nanometer process and according to our estimates, the card will show performance between GeForce GTX 780 and GTX Titan, which is probably not the worst Considering that the retail price is expected to be 699 rather than $ 999. What about Radeon R9 290 (without "iksa")? This arrangement was completely omitted at the conference, which allowed us to conclude that either no uprising at all, or it would go on sale later.

As less emotion has caused cheaper models of the new Volcanic Islands Radeons, let's look at weaker cards now, starting with R9 280X (Tahiti) and ending with R7 250 (Oland XT). The first and most powerful chip from the "lower" shelf, which is really a refreshing HD 7970 GHz Edition, is expected to have 3GB of RAM on board and will cost $ 299. The Radeon R9 270X 2 GB GDDR5, priced at $ 199, should be comparable to the HD 7950.

The next model is already a representative of the next shelf - the R7 260X with 2 GB of memory is expected to cost $ 139. So worthy of successor HD 7850. For the less fortunate players, the Radeon R7 250 (1 GB) is still available and will cost less than $ 89.

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Gamers do not live with the graphics cards themselves, so AMD has announced a new feature named TrueAudio proud to bring the gaming experience to a new level and provide surround sound. No less attention was paid to AMD Gaming Evolved, so that the people who buy the graphics card just gain. Current and upcoming US devices will be added to the latest releases, such as the upcoming Thief and Battlefield series. In the BF 4, expect better optimization on AMD cards with Mantle technology, which will be implemented in December this year as a free update.

What's more, as expected, the GeForce Experience app is now available for beta release, which automatically adjusts the game's graphics settings to the performance of a specific computer. The project was developed in collaboration with Raptr, responsible for instant messaging for gamers who record time spent playing games.

Revolution, evolution or maybe occupation? At this moment new graphics cards are still unknown enough, but new technologies, with the Mantle project at the forefront, are beginning to intrigue now. We are looking forward to more details that we will be able to share with you.

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