The Internet giant and the world's largest social networking site have announced a new agreement to fight cybersecurity in the Islamic state. Both companies will work together to remove jihadist films from propaganda networks.

There are many inappropriate videos on the web, but deleting them is not as easy as it may seem, since most of them have to be reported by the users first, and then they can be dealt with.

Unfortunately, this strategy is not effective for jihadists who use the global network to distribute propaganda films that encourage them to join in the ranks. Google and Facebook have decided to take a different approach to this topic and have set up an agreement to fight the Islamic state on video portals.

Both companies are not only actively removing videos from extremists, but also developing a system that will automatically detect and remove content directly linked to the Islamic state. In addition, the system will also detect re-inclusion on the network once the movie has been removed, which will ensure that more will not appear.